To Guillermo del Toro, I just want to say “Thank you”


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by Tony Potter,
East Idaho News

“Pacific Rim” is beautiful. Let me just dispel any concerns you may have had about this “giant robots fighting giant aliens” flick. Specifically, I want to say that if you saw the trailers and thought it looked like Transformers and therefore decided not to see it, then please change your mind: this is NOT Transformers nor is it like anything else I’ve seen in a long time. “Pacific Rim” is one of the most beautiful action flicks I’ve seen: ever.

Let me explain that whole ‘beautiful’ comment a bit. I enjoy lots of actions flicks for lots of different reasons, but rarely do I enjoy an action flick due to the beauty of both the fighting and the participants. First of all, each and every punch and grab and twist and stab and head-butt and fall and … well … every minute detail of each fighting sequence was visible and follow-able and I could see and feel every contact between alien and monster robots.

Often with films like this, the action sequences are a mess of limbs and explosions and metal and it’s hard to follow what’s happening and then suddenly one side wins and I’m not exactly sure how. “Pacific Rim” has nothing to hide, and most of the action is more like an MMA cage match than focused on explosions. There was something awe-inspiring about seeing these incredibly detailed and realistic aliens battling the even more detailed and beautiful and ‘alive’ Jaegers (the human robots). While it’s true that I was on the edge of my sit and practically clapping with the sheer joy of the intense and massive battles, I was also in wonder constantly, seeking out the details in the scales and skin of the aliens, or being fascinated by the water rushing and glinting off of the metal Jaeger bodies.

I marveled at the teeth and tongues of the aliens as the camera shot me right up close, and I braced myself against the sheer power of an alien attack. Yeah, I know that sounds a bit flowery typed out like this, but I have to express just how amazing and unique the action was in this flick.

And while a friend of mine who came to the screening with me called the dialogue “cheesy,” I was thrilled that all of that beautiful action above was only half of the film. The other full half (interspersed) gave me actual, deep character development. The plight of the human race was palpable, but better than that the power of individual humans was both celebrated and necessary (it’s not just that the Jaegers are powerful; in fact, the power of the Jaegers is much more dependent on humans than I anticipated).

So thank you Guillermo del Toro (director) for taking the time and having the guts to tell an incredible, self-contained, non-sequel driven story with perfect effects and wonderful characters and giving me the chance to whole-heartedly recommend a movie to everyone.